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Appreciation is extended to all neighbors and friends who have given their time and support in the successful effort to secure public access to this greenbelt via petition, depositions, testimony and spreading awareness to other members of the community.

We would also like to especially acknowledge and recognize Monterey's Assistant City Attorney Christine Davi for her faith, vision, and hard work in resolving this complicated legal issue.

Additional thanks go out to the Mayor and Members of the Monterey City Council for their crucial support of this campaign for public access and neighborhood quality-of-life, as well as Justice Nat Agliano who rendered a decision in this difficult situation that takes into account the concerns of all those involved.

At right is a photo of Al Washburn with the largest specimen of Genista (scotch broom) in the known universe, which he single-handedly dug up during the Community Genista Pull in Quarry Park on Saturday, March 7. Thanks to everyone who partcipated and helped to uproot an amazing quantity of this aggresive, invasive, and flammable shrub. Stay tuned for the announcement of the next festive Genista eradication event!
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"For fifty-seven years, I have had the pleasure of living across the street from the greenbelt known as Parcel B, Huckleberry Ridge No. 1.  We residents of this east side of Herrmann have indeed been fortunate to have this wonderful natural hillside at our front doors all these years.  We use it, love it and appreciate it.  We have always understood it to be permanently protected open space."  
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